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What my readers say

Article about cancer vaccination “The success depends on all of us”

I think you wrote an excellent text on cancer vaccination. Prof. Harald zur Hausen (Nobel Price winner 2008)

Article about the symposium „Is there an unconscious?“

Thank you very much for the exquisitely written article about the Freud symposium. Monika Preuk, Focus.de

Your report on the symposium about the unconscious turned out very well. Prof. Hans Förstl, Technical University of Munich, Germany

Article about drug approval „A risk remains“

I really liked your text. I was especially impressed on how detailed your sources were. Prof. Wolf-Dieter Ludwig, drug commission of the German medical association

Article about health insurance „How to get in easier“

I admire how deeply you got into such a complex subject as health insurance. You turned difficult information into a text that everybody can understand. Heidemarie Krause-Böhm, Patient Organization Bavaria

Special interest journalism price 2005

Her writing demonstrates how knowledge and communication competence can brilliantly complement each other. The jury

Texts for the annual review of the German Center for Diabetes

Thank you very much for the excellent contributions to our annual review. You have turned the interconnections that are at times extremely complex into comprehensible, short and “snappy” texts. I really like them. Dr. Brigitte Fröhlich, German Center for Diabetes

Article about traveling in Japan „Japans affordable beds“

I loved your article on Japan. Thanks for having presented my home country in such a special way. With best regards, a Japanese reader

Very good article. I always wanted to travel to Japan. Now I know that I can afford it and can make my childhood dream come true. Thank you! Robert



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