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The missing link

Why depression and fear is also a disease of inequalitiy

Richard U’Ren, author of the book „Social perspective: The missing element in mental health practice“ explores the impact of social factors on individual health, a topic often overlooked in the practice of psychiatry, psychology, and medicine. > more

Richard U'Ren talks about inequality in mental health care

The discovery of the grid cells

Why we know where we are

Listen to an interview with Edvard Moser. He, his wife May-Britt Moser and Richard O’Keefe won the nobel prize in medicine in 2014. They discovered the grid cells, which form together with other cells a kind of GPS system of the brain. > more

Researchers have penetrated deep into the brain, and have found an orientation system there. Nobel Prize laureate Edvard Moser talks about the discovery of the grid cells.
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