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For larger projects I work together with experienced partners. Quite a few of them have their office next door to mine or around the corner. That makes teamwork easy.

Haak and Nakat – graphic design – www.haak-nakat.de

Anneliese Bunk – graphic design – www.design-direction.de

Mike Berwanger – graphic design – www.tausenblauwerk.de
Sarah Bartl – graphic design – www.buero-bartl.de

Imken Leibrock – web programming – www.il66.de
Rudolph Horbas – web programming – www.hypotext.de
Marty Cook – translations – www.cooktext.de
Dr. David Tracey – translations – www.traceytranslations.co.uk
Ullrich Knoll – press relations – www.knoll-pr.de
Christianne Kappes – photography – www.adventure-press.com
Erol Gurian – photography – www.gurian.de
Ruth Dieckmann – science exhibitions – www.ruth-dieckmann.de
Dr. Daniela Oesterle – medical journalism – www.zeilenumbruch.com
Mü-Med – Munich group of medical journalists – www.mue-med.de

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